March 2015 – APYLP

Layer - 1st White

At the 25th Annual Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project Conference, Ryan had the honor to design the above logo and ran one of the closing conference workshops. He had a participant toss a spool of ribbon to another participant being sure to hold onto the end and had the participant explain why he or she appreciated that other participant. The gesture got repeated until everyone had participated. The ending result was a web and network of connections showing the physical power of compliments.


March 2015 – YMCA Youth and Government

Shout out to all of the YMCA Youth and Government participants who spent the weekend at Camp Roberts! (The following picture was taken in the early morning on the last day.)


March 2015 – Radio Interview


March 2015 – Mill Valley Public Library Slam Poetry Competition

IMG_3575 BW


December 2014 – Cranes

Folded origami cranes play a large role in The Phoenix and the Immortals: Eclipse. Here’s why.


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